"...A powerful and transparent narrative on adultery within the Church. Surely not a drama laced book, but one of accountability and responsibility from "the other woman". Sophia shares the struggle of just seeking love, yet finding yourself trapped in a lifestyle of sin. She finds herself led by Holy Spirit to finally end an adulterous affair with a local pastor, which leads to her repentance and mission to help others to get out of such relationships, and to help others not to fall into its trap. A true story of redemption and restoration for anyone finding themselves in such relationships, whether pastor or those in the pew. A must read for spiritual leaders and great for church bookstores or support/cell groups."

- Deborah Hunter

"...This is a novel that is not only well-written, but also insightful, thought-provoking, and an overall awakening. Sophia examines a side of an affair that is often ignored. While many perceive an affair to be physical, Ms. Vilceus takes us into a world where two adults' emotional feelings for each other brings about the shame, guilt, and spiritual and inner battle a godly woman faces. She succinctly describes the embarrassment, concern for her reputation, the role of a male figure, death of her beloved mother, uncontrollable desire mixed with temptation, genuine care for the other woman, and how various facets of her life, including, but not limited to, her faith and relationship with God, altered during and after the affair.

Furthermore, I appreciate how she provides biblical verses she read and insight on her fast as one of the many means of overcoming temptation and essentially leaving this affair. Those who know Sophia generally consider this a brave move for her, particularly given her reputation, but I consider this a true act of God. While engaging in an affair, the author states that she was unable to find an outlet, a book, advisor, etc. to help her come out of the situation. So, she did what she knows: she prayed. Prayer led her to this phenomenal novel. Prayer led her to escape a volatile affair which could've led to a different ending. I am so proud of Sophia Vilceus and wholeheartedly encourage every man and woman to read this book as it is not only for a woman engaged in an affair. It highlights how people, things, patterns, situations, and our past lead us down particular paths. I am grateful for this book as it has shed light on many dark and suppressed areas in my life. I assure you, it will do the same for you.


"Congratulations to the author. I strongly recommend The Last Pew as it is a phenomenal novel."In a world where where it seems everything fictitious is glorified, how quite refreshing it is to get the unadulterated truth about an issue that affects so many women. The issue of guarding ones own heart. In "The Last Pew," Sophia shares deep personal insights about real life experiences, shortcomings and all, and uses them as opportunities for growth as she journeys on a road towards forgiveness, self-discovery, wholeness, restoration and healing. A beautifully written book about how easy it is to lose our way when we're not in connection to the Vine. "The Last Pew" can be enjoyed at any age or any stage of life. Definitely a must read and one to keep in your collection for years to come!" 


"...Sophie, your honesty, rawness, self-reflection, and refusal to be kept down against all odds is inspiring. I'm so proud of your book, and so, so proud of you too. Congratulations on your book release. I can't wait to see what else you share with the world."

- A.B.A.

"Your delivery is classic and your spirit is inspiring!"

- C. M.

"A powerful, transparent and hard topic to speak upon, adultery, written by the "other woman". Not only adultery, but with a man that is speaking the Word of God to His people, a pastor. In this candid message, Sophia shares her downfall and temptations openly and honestly, yet gives men and women the tools needed to avoid such temptation, as well as tools for healing, deliverance and restoration for those that have fallen into it. A NOW message for those in the Church, Believers in Christ Jesus, as this topic has all but been pushed under the rug for generations. God desires to heal and set people free; we NEED to talk about it and expose the darkness, so people can become free! "

- Hunter Heart Publishing

"We all have truths, and by that I mean we all have a set of experiences that make us who we are. These truths have been influenced by our families, friends, relationships, and the many ebbs and flows of life. You have just opened a book that will, in many ways, push you to acknowledge, own, and accept your truth, the truth of someone you love, or possibly even the truth of a stranger. I am constantly reminded that the process of acknowledging, owning, and accepting our truths can be difficult, but extremely rewarding. I invite you to start, or continue, this process as you read, The Last Pew-Journeying Back to God's Will After an Affair (TLP). I am hopeful that the raw vulnerability and honesty in the pages to follow will speak to you profoundly, no matter your reason for picking up this book."

- Tasha M. Brown, M.A.

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